In addition to the superb musicianship, interplay and skill level of each the members of Sawaari, it's the intelligent compositions that take us on an exciting journey, with a soundtrack for the ride like no other – like eager nomads from India en route to Morocco by way of Italy and the Mediterranean sea, surprising each other with musical gifts and exchanges along the way.” - Brian Keigher

Music and Event Consultant, Curator - People of Rhythm Productions


Sawaari explores the nexus of Indian taals, Arabic maqams, and trance music from North Africa and Italy, fully encompassing the varied interests and backgrounds of its band members: Fabio Pirozzolo (vocals and percussion), Jussi Reijonen (oud), Mike Rivard (sintir and double bass), Andy Bergman (sax, clarinet) and Amit Kavthekar (tabla).

With an emphasis on rhythm, the music they create together has a searching, exploratory quality that brings together the meditative with the energetic, taking the listener from sparse tranquility to complex syncopations in a moment. Named for a word that means "to ride" in Hindi, Sawaari invites audiences to be transported into a world of rhythm and sound that knows no borders, no limitations.



Jussi Reijonen - Oud 

Andy Bergman - Woodwinds 

Mike Rivard - Sintir 

Amit Kavthekar - Tabla 

Fabio Pirozzolo - Percussion/Vocals

Photo Credit: Eric Antoniou

The master musicians who make up Sawaari bring several lifetimes of experience to this material. They not only know what they are doing, they also bring energy and passion to this engaging music. ” - Ken Field

Host, The New Edge

Press Photos

Photo Credit: Eric Antoniou

Andy Bergman - Photo Credit: Eric Antoniou

Jussi Reijonen - Photo Credit: Eric Antoniou

Mike Rivard - Photo Credit: Eric Antoniou

Amit Kavthekar - Photo Credit: Eric Antoniou